Climb ... FSX

FSX gauges at climb

Best Rate of Climb speed is 105 knots at 36 in. MP and 2350 RPM.

During takeoff hold full power, 48 in MP and 2700 RPM, for one minute then smoothly back your throttle to 36 in MP and then the propeller controls back to 2350 RPMs. Keep your climb rate low, 200 to 300 fpm, until your airspeed reaches about 120 knots, then increase the pitch to establish the best rate of climb speed of 105 knots. Remember, throttle first when reducing power.

As you decrease the RPMs to 2350, notice that the MP rises again. Recall the earlier discussion on the interaction between the prop controls and the manifold pressure. So you must again reduce the throttle to bring the MP back down to 36 in.
Your actual rate of climb will vary at 105 knots, from about 1000 fpm at sea level down to 500 fpm or so at 10,000 ft. The important factor is airspeed ... keep your climb airspeed constant at 105 knots.

Adjust your aircraft heading to track 065° to the Plymouth Beacon, FFF, keeping the ADF needle centered vertically. Climb to 5500 ft. The average climb rate will be about 700 fpm.

Pay close attention to the MP gauge because manifold pressure drops as the aircraft climbs. Periodically advance the throttle to maintain the desired 36 in. manifold pressure.