Cruise ... FSX

FSX gauges at cruise

Cruise: 2050 RPM, 30 in. M.P., 137 kts, 5500 ft.

Approaching the cruise altitude of 5500 ft, begin the transition to the cruise configuration.

The Piedmont DC-3 Flight Manual instructs: "When levelling off, it should be done in such a way that the passengers are not aware of the act. Allow the nose to drop gradually with the rate-of-climb approaching zero. As the airspeed builds up, slowly roll the elevator forward. Do not reduce power until the airspeed builds up to cruising speed."

At cruise altitude back the throttles to 30 in. M.P., (reducing power, throttles first) the propellers to 2050 RPM, and the mixture controls to Auto Lean. Remember to readjust the M.P. to 30 in. after setting the RPMs. The airspeed should stabilize at 137 kts, or so.

The passengers' only perception to this transition should be the change in the engine pitch.