Before we start, here's an excellent Freeware Scenery Website, well updated and with links when searching for FS2004 scenery files.

Welcome to the DC-3 Airways Scenery Page. We are pleased to announce that Mike White, DC3-1140, accepted the position of VP Scenery. Learn more about Mike by going here.

Mike established his reputation with his historical research and creation of the Marine Division, a signature piece in scenery design.

Kudos to Al Gay, the previous scenery coordinator, not only for his help to Mike White on the Marine Division, but especially for his leadership in setting up the Scenery Pages for DC-3 Airways.

DC-3 Airways has an official home base, thanks also to Al Gay, located at Boston Airport, as Boston Logan Int'l. was known before 1956. Al designed the hangar shown above and conveniently located it, along with a DC-3 Airways passenger terminal, not far from the departure end of KBOS Runway 15R. The DC-3 Airways hangar is now also available for seventy-four other airports.

And while we are on the subject of hangars, Mike White has created an awesome new hangar for our DC-4, featuring see-through windows, an office for the Operations personnel, and an office for the Maintenance Division. Also included are maintenance platforms and workbenchs in the main section of the hangar. Naturally, Pilots can open and close this hangar's doors from their cockpit.

Also, a popular fs9 scenery upgrade for KBOS has become available on the Internet. Unfortunately, it interferes with the KBOS DCA Passenger terminal and hangar installation. Mike will look into a solution to that problem. Stay tuned for more information.

Mike White has a whole plateful of exciting scenery projects planned. It's not likely that he will run out of things to do anytime soon, but based on experience with him on the Marine Division, he's not likely to run out of ideas, either.

.All of that aside, we welcome and solicit ideas for scenery projects.

Click the Scenery Links button to the left to download add-on scenery files. That Links page features scenery files of specific interest to DCA pilots. So here's your opportunity to share some of your favorite scenery files that add to the realism of our hobby.

This Scenery Homepage will contain "permanent" announcements and information that will remain current, such as new scenery designed for DCA. Check here often to stay up to date.